The GNOME socket library

[:] Description

gnome-socket is a library that provides easy network access to GNOME applications.

[:] Current Features

[:] Status

Current status: beta, but working well.
The API could change in the future.

The main points for discussion:

[:] Requirements

Without ares / GNU adns you can't use the asynchronous dns lookup provided in the library (gnome_adns_* functions). However, gnome-libs already has an asynchronous dns resolver (gnome_dns_lookup), though it's deprecated. The reason for using gnome-socket and ares / GNU adns relies in the fact that gnome_dns_lookup forks another process to do the lookup.
You can still use gnome_socket even without ares / GNU adns: when it needs to do dns lookup it will do it via gnome_dns.

Please note that if your project isn't under GPL the only possible choices are gnome_dns and ares: I strongly recommend ares.
This doesn't depend on me but on the adns license.

[:] Download

You can browse the list of the releases of gnome-socket and download the latest.

[:] Documentation

Browse the online documentation or download the tarball. (Updated 29 Apr 2000).

[:] More Info

Visit SourceForge gnome-socket summary to submit a bug report or to post a feature request. You can also find the list of developers.

[:] Thanks

Thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project.

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